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Cadiz It’s virtually impossible to exhaust all that there is about Cadiz and what it entails as its complexity is rooted in antiquity. Cadiz is popular known as the most inhabitated place in all of Europe. The town which was founded and called Gadir by the Phoenician in the year 1100 BC. Millenniums Cadiz which is now is now almost surrounded by water, has a romantic feel as the Atlantic waves crash against eroded sea walls, salty beaches teem with worshippers of the sun and cheerful taverns moves with the vibes from cawing gulls and frying fish. The first ever liberal constitution in Spain was signed in the city of Cadiz in 1812 and the city’s unique style gave Spanish colonial cities the fortification it needed. These crenellated sea walls and chunky forts looks similar to Cuba’s Havana or the San Juan of Puerto Rico Astonished visitors who have visited Cadiz often say nice things about its seafood, sands and stash of exciting buildings and museums. The thing they talk about the most is the gaditanos, which is wild carnival with a lot of upbeat flamenco songs “Alegrias” that excites the mind.

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